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The new upgrades and added options of Joomla 3.1 will be advantageous to developers and users

Joomla Development

When it comes to the Joomla development new version 3.1 framework, it has been tested with GroupJive, Community Builder, CBSubs, CB Activity and 3 Joomla/CB templates and there is hardly any issue found. This is splendid news for both for Joomla developers and, also users as well. This could mean that all products could work on all Joomla versions. The new features that is included in Joomla 3.1 like Tag, Refactor installation for using new app and MVC classes, Show logs on debug console, Add pagination in COM_SEARCH component, Added triggers on save for com config, A new responsive administrator template and interface, Integration of Twitter Bootstrap to a Jui media package, Protostar, a new front end template built with the use of Twitter Bootstrap updated, PostgreSQL database & driver, PHP Memcached driver, Enhancement to Smart Search, PHP Memcached driver, Guest user group present at default and some other features also provide by Joomla 3.1.  Read More…